Japan T K Y

Japan T K Y

You are going through your daily life with obvious freedom simply because you are open to the world, respecting everyone in their beauty.

The developement towards an independent, self-concious and powerfull woman enables you to create your own budget.

You are comfortable in your body and you create your own statements from garnments to interior design and lifestyle.

For you no dramatic swings and seasonal changes. Simply selecting what suits your style and personalizing your clothes by the strength of your character.

JapanTKY is a tribute to your perfection.



Maandag               Gesloten

Dinsdag               9.30 tot 17.30

Woensdag           9.30 tot 17.30

Donderdag          9.30 tot 17.30

Vrijdag                 9.30 tot 21.00

Zaterdag              9.30 tot 17.00

Zondag                Gesloten 


Ik heb een nieuwe foto op Facebook geplaatst http://t.co/6CaunfKFMc

Ik heb een nieuwe foto op Facebook geplaatst http://t.co/vdWm5Dvmzj

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